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The Coriolis Effect – Season 2 Episode 9

The #Dragonmeet Grindbone Special. We look back on the Forbidden Lands Grindbone tournament we ran at Dragonmeet 2018, bringing you edited highlights of the deathmatch, a great opportunity to learn how the fast and furious combat mechanics work, and how short and deadly fights can be. Guest staring some of our fellow podcasters from Dragonmeet’s #podcastzone 00.00.39: Introduction
00.02.00: World of Gaming – Mutant: Hindenburg; Call of Cthulhu novella; Nights Black Agents: Solo Ops
OO.07.39: Intro to the Grindbone Challenge
00.10.45: First Heat
00.29.22: Second Heat – Featuring Pretending with Dice (Short Interview at 00.30.30)
00.40.40: Third Heat – featuring Ziz from These Flimsy Rituals and Nils from Fria Ligan
00.50.45: Fourth Heat – featuring The Rusty Quill
00.59.25: First Semi-final
01.04.44: Second Semi-final
01.14.08: Final
01.30.40: We talk about next episode and say goodbye https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/fictionsuitpodcasts/S2Ep9.mp3 The Coriolis Effect. Presented by FictionSuit and the RPG Gods. With music by Stars on a Black Sea, used with permission of Free League Publishing. Imagery from NASA and the Hubble Space telescope, brought to you by wikimedia commons. Typeface is Code by Fontfabric


 2019-02-15  n/a