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Fit Club is Black Hollywood Live's one stop shop for fitness and health information and motivation. Personal trainers Shaka Smith and TK Trinidad focus on educating Latin American and African American communities to live more health conscious lives by discussing the latest fitness fads, reviewing fitness products, and getting diet recommendations from fitness experts themselves. Special guests include celebrities, respected trainers, and health & lifestyle experts.



The Vaccination Debate, Young Blood Transfusions And More With OWN’s Greenleaf Star Benjamin Patterson

We discuss the vaccination debate, FDA’s warning against young blood transfusions, how to set yourself up for success be decluttering and other helpful tips for your diet, the first study that shows a link between exercise and ED for black men and Benjamin Patterson’s retrun to Greenleaf as teh character Noah and how his health and fitness have helped him to return to a familiar role.  


 2019-02-21  30m