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Have No Rules

Kevin Kruse, the author of Great Leaders Have No Rules, join us today to discuss why rule-based leadership leads to failure. Importantly, Kevin bases this key insight on over 200 interviews with well-known business leaders across a range of disciplines.  Based on these conversations Kevin has distilled 10 key insights that any leader can use to build a culture that is based on trust vs. mere rule following. In This Episode

  • How every “got a minute” request kills productivity across your company.
  • Why rules disengage 99% of your employees to reduce risk from 1% of your employees.
  • Why being likable is more important than being liked as a leader.
  • The difference between favoritism and focusing on your higher achieving team members.
  • All leaders are role models whether they want to be or not.
  • The importance of having a framework that empowers decision making vs. mere rule setting.
  • Why principles tend to beat out process in business.
  • Kevin’s Book: Great Leaders Have No Rules
  • Kevin’s Website:


 2019-04-15  45m