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Standard Orbit is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: The Original Series. Not an episode review show, Standard Orbit explores specific elements of TOS with host Haley Stoddart and her guests.


episode 266: Pale Blue Dot

Standard Orbit 266: Pale Blue Dot

The Voyager Program.

This week on Standard Orbit, host Zach Moore is joined by Tim Robertson, host of The Observers Notebook and Generations: A Star Trek Podcast to discuss NASA's Voyager program - the inspiration for V'Ger from The Motion Picture.

Was Voyager's mission really to learn all that was learnable? Why were there only two Voyager probes and not the six Star Trek promised us? How much longer will the Voyagers be operational? Science fiction meets science fact in this week's Standard Orbit, boldly listen!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:27)
Tim Robertson, Star Trek Fan and Podcaster (00:02:52)
Voyager, The Real One(s) (00:05:21)
V'Ger (00:20:29)
Pale Blue Dot (00:25:45)
Mainstream Science, Future of Space Travel (00:28:33)
Final Thoughts (00:33:39)
POTFM (00:37:13) 
Closing (00:39:14)

Zach Moore

Tim Robertson

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 2019-05-06  42m