Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast

Standard Orbit is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: The Original Series. Not an episode review show, Standard Orbit explores specific elements of TOS with host Haley Stoddart and her guests.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 58m. Bisher sind 319 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 13 days 8 hours 8 minutes


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episode 301: Consequences of Leadership

Kirk as captain. We discuss the leadership style of Captain Kirk and the consequences of his decisions.


 November 16, 2020  1h0m

episode 300: Standard Orbit 300: The Final Frontier

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is a rather infamous film both in and out of Star Trek circles, but we here at Standard Orbit happen to love it. In celebration of our 300th episode, hosts Ken Tripp, Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart decided to do something


 March 3, 2020  2h14m

episode 299: This Is Goodbye

Ken And Zach Disembark Standard Orbit


 February 18, 2020  1h21m

episode 298: The Rise Of Fan Service

JJ Abrams, Star Trek, Star Wars And Fan Service


 January 13, 2020  53m

episode 297: Inverted Commas

Season One With Darren Mooney


 December 23, 2019  1h16m

episode 296: 296: Generosity

Jacqueline Kim Interview


 December 17, 2019  1h23m

episode 295: D.C. Fontana

Remembering Dorothy Fontana (1939- 2019)


 December 9, 2019  50m

episode 294: Kelvin Trailers

Movie News and JJ's Trailers


 December 2, 2019  53m

episode 293: Team Kang

Day of the Dove


 November 25, 2019  52m

episode 292: Visions From The Twilight Zone

Arlen Schumer, The Twilight Zone and Star Trek


 November 18, 2019  1h22m