Laufen und Leben

Du brennst dafür, den nächsten Schritt zu wagen, weißt aber nicht genau wie. In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles darum, was es braucht, um deine nächsten Laufziele zu erreichen. Du bekommst Tipps und Ressourcen an die Hand, die dir auch helfen, dein Leben leichter zu gestalten, zu mehr Zufriedenheit zu finden und dabei jede Menge Mut, Selbstvertrauen und Leichtigkeit für dein Leben zu gewinnen.


Anna Hughes - On race nutrition and how to prevent stomach issues

Eating and drinking in training and in races can be a real science. If you decide to make it one. 
Today, I´m shining the light on a topic that is on the one side, very individual and on the other, something where some guidelines can indeed work for most endurance athletes. 
I share my personal experience from last week´s ultra marathon where I ran for 11 hours and put another experience in the books. 
Where no stomach issues played a role.  Where I could perfectly sustain my energy levels.  Where I suffered from no headaches or swollen fingers.  Where I felt well -hydrated throughout. Where I didn´t need solid foods and got my calories from using  one product only. 
It works for you if you´re sensitive and often suffer from an upset stomach and energy lows.
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 2017-07-05  18m