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Why do musicians create what they do? Why do they create in that particular way? Mark Linsenmayer (aka songwriter Mark Lint, and host of The Partially Examined Life) talks to songwriters and composers about specific recordings, which are played in full. We cover lyric meanings, writing and recording techniques, arrangements, band dynamics, the stories behind the songs, and even music theory.



NEM#99: Globelamp (Elizabeth LeFay): Raw, Psychedelic Folk

Elizabeth got her start in the psych-punk band Meowtain in Olympia, WA, emerged as Globelamp in 2011 with an EP, was briefly a touring member of Foxygen, and has put out three albums since 2014.
We discuss "Everything's a Spiral" and listen to "Black Tar" from Romantic Cancer (2018), "Controversial/Confrontational" from The Orange Glow (2015), and "Warrior" from Star Dust (2014). Intro: "Hex" from Meowtain (2012). For more, see
Here's an official video for "Breathing Ritual," from Star Dust. Globelamp's YouTube channel includes live footage (including some footage with Foxygen and some Meowtain footage and many many cover tunes, like this Taylor Swift song.
A couple of the artists we refer to in the interview when talking about vocal articulation are Kate Bush and Tori Amos.
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 2019-06-02  59m