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EMx 054: Phoenix LiveView with Leandro Pereira


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  • Michael Ries
  • Josh Adams
  • Mark Ericksen
Joined by Special Guest: Leandro PereiraSummaryLeandro Pereira starts by sharing what the Elixir community is like in Brazil. He explains what applications Phoenix LiveView works well for and those that it does not. The panel discusses why people are so excited for LiveView. JavaScript in LiveView is discussed, including where it is, what it does and Javascript fatigue in the community. Leandro shares where people can find demo projects. The panel discusses drab and why it didn’t catch on. The benefits of LiveView are discussed including, pain problems it will solve, avoiding the duplication of code, and the magic that happens in web end development. The panel shares projects they are working on or thinking of.Links
  • https://lnasystems.com.br/
  • https://medium.com/@ericclemmons/javascript-fatigue-48d4011b6fc4
  • Swapping React for Phoenix LiveView
  • https://elixirforum.com/t/phoenix-liveview-is-now-live/20889/73
  • https://elixirforum.com/tags/liveview
  • https://elixirforum.com/t/liveview-demos-examples-and-sample-apps-thread/21073
  • https://hexdocs.pm/drab/Drab.Live.html
  • https://elixirforum.com/t/drab-and-liveview-community-oddities/16483
  • https://github.com/JakeBecker/vscode-elixir-ls/pulls
  • https://github.com/patrick-steele-idem/morphdom
  • https://twitter.com/lucianparvu/status/1109087821581742080
  • https://twitter.com/_zorbash/status/1112859727845904385
  • https://github.com/leandrocp
  • https://twitter.com/leandrocesquini
  • https://twitter.com/elixir_mix
  • https://www.facebook.com/Elixir-Mix
PicksMichael Ries:
  • https://dudewheresmydesk.live/
  • https://pragprog.com/book/jgotp/designing-elixir-systems-with-otp
Josh Adams:
  • https://github.com/antoyo/relm
  • Home Warranties
Mark Ericksen:
  • Chris McCord Keynote: Phoenix LiveView - Interactive, Real TIme Apps - No need to write Javascript
  • https://elixirforum.com/
Leandro Pereira:
  • https://pragprog.com/book/jgotp/designing-elixir-systems-with-otp


 2019-06-04  1h1m