re:publica 19 - Politics & Society

Im Herzen des re:publica Programms stehen die Debatten und der Austausch über die voranschreitende Digitalisierung und ihre Auswirkungen auf den Wandel der Gesellschaft(en) und auf die Verschiebung politischer Dynamiken.



episode 11: The battle for the Net: The year we fight back

A spectrum is hunting Europe - the spectrum of far-right populism which might make traditional advocacy for digital rights dossiers more difficult in the next legislative period. What will the EU look like in 4, 6 months or a year from now? What will be the upcoming challenges and do we need to find new channels to act and mobilise? Will citizens build the resistance against mass surveillance and online censorship by States and corporations?

  • Andreea Belu
  • Kirsten Fiedler
On 29 March, the UK might have left the EU. Only a few weeks after re:publica, the EU elections will take place again - meaning that two major institutions, the Parliament and Commission, will be newly formed. In 2019, Europe is entering a new era. The political landscape will change dramatically, with Brexit and a newly elected EU Parliament and newly formed Commission. How will all this affect our rights and freedoms online? What will be the upcoming challenges and do we need to find new channels to act and mobilise?This talk will describe what the drastically changed political landscape will look like, what the threats to but also opportunities for digital rights  will be. We will also discuss new ways and avenues to mobilise and influence policy-making across Europe.We will go into a couple of topics that will be on the agenda of the fight for our digital rights in the coming years:
  • the future of content moderation and platform liability in Europe
  • confidentiality of our communications (ePrivacy)
  • access to data cross-borders by law enforcement
  • net neutrality
  • data retention reloaded
  • algorithms (including upload filters)
  • regulating AI


 2019-05-07  30m