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Welcome to Asians Represent! Daniel Kawn, Agatha Cheng, Ammar Ijaz, and Jayd Matyas host a series of unfiltered conversations that celebrate the contributions of Asian creators to analog gaming.


episode 10: Episode 9: Safety Tools for Streamers ft. Kienna Shaw

TTRPG streamer and designer Kienna Shaw joined Daniel and Agatha for a discussion of safety tools in online games! Apologies for Daniel's raspy voice; he was very sick during the recording!

Follow Kienna on Twitter @KiennaS, purchase their micro RPGs at, support them on Patreon at, download their TTRPG safety toolkit here, and follow their streams here!

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Music: Intro: Good Vibes by DJ Quads

Outro: Explore by Ikson


 2019-06-18  1h33m