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episode 187: MacVoices #19187: Road to Macstock: Registration Volunteers Janet Potter and Cindy Rotz

The Road to Macstock isn’t just about the speakers…the volunteers who make it all happen are equally important, maybe more so. This time, the two people who will great you at the registration table tell us about their different perspective on the conference. Janet Potter and Cindy Rotz share their observations on the attendees, the events, and why they enjoy being part of Macstock.   This edition of MacVoices is supported by Linode, high performance cloud hosting and virtual servers for everyone. To take $20 off your first order, visit
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Guests: Janet Potter is a Macstock volunteer, and runs ANIME and MORE in Woodstock IL. Cindy Rotz is a Macstock volunteer and retired art teacher. Links: Macstock 2019 - Chuck’s Speaker Code for $70 off: macvoices


 2019-07-17  23m