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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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episode 254: MacVoices #19252: Ted Landau on Home Theater Building and The State of the Mac

Ted Landau has been busy researching, shopping for, installing, and using the home theater system of his dreams. Now that the dust has settled, Ted talks us through the process, from big box store experiences to the AV Forums to the actual use of his systems. Find out what he chose and why. Ted also has some thoughts on the state of macOS…where we’ve been and where we are. This edition of MacVoices is supported by LightStream. Low rates. Great Service. That’s Lending Uncomplicated...



episode 253: MacVoices #19251: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #6

Even if Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, most of us still have people on our gift lists that need to be addressed. Peter Cohen, Barry Fulk, and host Chuck Joiner are on the job, providing more diverse and unusual gifts for you to give or get this holiday season. This edition of MacVoices is supported by LightStream. Low rates. Great Service. That's Lending Uncomplicated. Visit for a special discount just for MacVoices viewers and listeners...



episode 252: MacVoices #19250: Neill Barham and Chris Cohen of FiLMic Introduce Photo App Firstlight

FiLMic has just released a new iPhone camera app, Firstlight, that approaches mobile photography from a new angle. Founder and CEO Neill Barham and CTO Chris Cohen talk about the analog roots of the app, why it was four years in development, and what sent them back to the drawing board...



episode 251: MacVoices #19249: MacVoices Gift Guide #5

The last MacVoices Gift Guide before the big holiday shopping weekend features some unusual picks from the panel of Elle Newman, Mike Schmitz, Brittany Smith, and host Chuck Joiner. Be sure to check this out before you shop! This edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Smile, the makers of PDFpen and PDFpenPro, PDFpen for iPad, PDFpen for iPhone, PDFpen Scan+, as well as TextExpander for Mac and TextExpander for iPhone and iPad, as well as the new TextExpander for Windows...



episode 250: MacVoices #19248: MacVoices Gift Guide #4

The MacVoices Gift Guide series for 2019 rolls on, this time with the panel of Kirk McElhearn, Brett Terpstra, Wally Cherwinski, and host Chuck Joiner. This series of picks strays from tech in spots, but always comes home to focus on things that plug and play...



episode 249: MacVoices Video Change

A quick note about a change to the MacVoices Video RSS feeds.



episode 248: MacVoices #19247: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Automating Your Mac

Take Control boss Joe Kissell has just updated Take Control of Automating Your Mac to edition 3, to reflect the constantly changing macOS landscape. Joe discusses some of those changes before covering how he makes you comfortable with automation concepts. Then, he gives us some examples of both built-in capabilities as well those of third-party utilities that can help you be more efficient in whatever you do with your Mac...



episode 247: MacVoices #19244: MacVoices Gift Guide #2

MacVoices Gift Guide #2



episode 246: MacVoices #19246: MacVoices Update - 2019-11

MacVoices Update 2019-11



episode 245: MacVoices #19245: MacVoices Gift Guide #3

MacVoices Gift Guide #3