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Thumb Stopper Creative

Organic reach on Facebook has plummeted over the years and B2B marketers need to adjust.  On today's episode, I chat with Peter Reitano, the Co-founder of Abacus, a digital marketing agency that specializes in leveraging Facebook and Instagram in a B2B context. 

We discuss the challenges of finding organic reach through Facebook, the importance of vertical video and the importance of thumb stopper creative.

Peter also shares useful tips on how you can create an emotional punch with your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, even if you're a more "boring" B2B brand. 

In This Episode 

  • The decline of organic research on Facebook.
  • The importance of vertical video.
  • Why short almost impulsive video clips are more powerful on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to create an emotional punch with your content when you’re a “boring” B2B brand.
  • Examples of emotional “thumb-stopper” creative.
  • How emotional content leads to a more rational B2B “pitch.”
  • Why repurposing content onto different platforms is not a good idea.

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 2019-07-19  38m