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Actual Play – TimeWatch – The Valkyrie Gambit

Patreon Backer Game. When nuclear war breaks out in the 1960s TimeWatch must scramble to 1865 Munich to restore the original timeline.  But fixing the problem is just half the job when it comes to time travel.   Brownie- Uurrk – 33,000 BCE Neanderthal (he/him)
Chris – Dr. Breen – 23rd century New Zealand Chrono-Scientist (she/her)
Geoff –   Skegg –  Psychic Velociraptor from alternate time stream (he/him)
Laura –   Kelfala – 24th century West African starship pilot (she/her)
Special thanks to our Patreon backers for  playing with us this episode. The post Actual Play – TimeWatch – The Valkyrie Gambit appeared first on The Roleplaying Exchange.


 2019-08-10  3h53m