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Established in 2009. If you want to learn about beekeeping this is the show for you. It's been described by many as fun and informative. Hosts Gary and Margaret from New Zealand share tips, interviews and news about beekeeping. We discuss ways to bee more successful with your bees, get a sweet honey crop and keep your bees healthy. Please give us a listen.


episode 146: Bee Aware it's almost Spring

Yay, we have just released a new beekeeping show. We hope you will enjoy this one. We sure enjoyed bringing it to you.

It's Bee Month in New Zealand, in this episode we talk about Mass Bee Deaths in Russia and is Live and let die the way to save the bees?, The Apriast in Scotland doesn't think so.

We also have roving reporters checking in from Poland, England, Canada and the United States of America.

Links / Resources mentioned this week

  • Bee flu reaches Russia, heralds major global food crisis
  • Leave and let die

What is in the Show

  • September is Bee Aware Month 00:01:23
  • What has Margaret been doing in the apiary? 00:08:02
  • Roving Reporters 00:13:14
  • - Krobia, Poland 00:13:38
  • - Indiana, USA 00:16:25
  • - Ontario, Canada 00:19:07
  • - Hampshire, England 00:21:41
  • Do you want to bee a Roving Reporter? 00:24:57
  • Beekeeping News 00:25:32
  • Bee flu reaches Russia, heralds major global food crisis 00:26:11
  • Leave and let die 00:31:50
  • Feedback from You 00:42:54
  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:45:08
  • Shout out to our New Supporters 00:45:46

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 2019-08-31  48m