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episode 344: Trump's primary challengers

Jane, Dara, and Matt talk about Donald Trump’s potential 2020 presidential primary challengers — Joe Walsh, Bill Weld, Justin Amash, and others, and what their bids mean for the post-Trump future. We also ruminate on a white paper exploring potentially racist hiring practices.

Links to resources discussed:
“Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld explains why he’s primarying Donald Trump” by Jane Coaston, Vox

“The problem with primarying Trump” by Jane Coaston, Vox

“Former Rep. Joe Walsh, once a Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist, is running for president” by Jane Coaston and Sean Collins, Vox

“Decades before Trump, Marion Barry fooled D.C.” by Jane Coaston, MTV News

“Ex-Newark Mayor Is Accused of Misusing Campaign Funds” by Richard Pèrez-Peña, New York Times

White paper

Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Senior correspondent, Vox
Ezra Klein (@ezraklein),  Editor-at-large Vox
Jane Coaston (@cjane87),  Senior politics reporter, Vox
Dara Lind (@DLind), Immigration reporter, ProPublica

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 2019-09-03  57m