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Returning diaspora, repeat referendums and loyalists in a United Ireland: it’s a listener questions episode!

The Irish Passport is opening up the floor to listeners in this episode, and taking questions on everything from recent Irish political history, to life as a returned member of the diaspora.

Several people got in touch with practical questions about a United Ireland. Is the republic prepared for the possibility of loyalist violence? And would people born in Northern Ireland still be able to claim British citizenship in a unification scenario? Naomi and Tim delve into the history of countries that broke off from the British empire to ask what we can learn from precedent.

Is it true that the Irish people were told to vote again after rejecting the European Union Nice and Lisbon Treaties? We speak to the Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration John O’Brennan and discover the complex truth of an argument often used in the Brexit debate.

A listener in the United States who is Irish by descent got in touch to say he was considering a move to Ireland, and would like to hear from people who had already done the same. We hear from people who moved to Ireland as adults and discover the country through fresh eyes: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Special thanks to everyone who responded, including: Tadgh Jenkins, Shana Slow, Kevin from New York, Kath O’Meara, Stevie Nolan, and Guy Le Jeune.

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Featuring editing by Alan Meaney .

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 2019-10-09  46m