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episode 98: FFR 98: Cancel Culture

We live in an era of oppression, in which powerful tyrants are silencing the voices and crushing the careers of brave men who dare to engage in true creative freedom.

Or maybe, people long accustomed to operating with impunity are now sometimes finding that there are consequences for their actions, and they don’t like it.

This week, we're talking about the much-decried "cancel culture" we're apparently living in right now. Our conversation covers how this term distorts the actual power dynamics at play, how social media has changed the impact of our larger conversations about art and media, the conflation of criticism with censorship, and why, if cancel culture is supposedly such a threat, it doesn't really seem like anyone has been and stayed cancelled. 


2:00 Cancel Culture

28:20 What's Your FREQ-Out?

Ebony on Kristen Arnett's Twitter, Carolyn on The Overstory, Anita on The Fast & The Furious: A Musical Parody

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 2019-10-09  36m