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Episode 42 – Interview with Jeff Mechlinski

Game Designer Jeff Mechlinski, author of Age Past, SuperAge and Robotech: The Macross Saga RPG, stops by to discuss his latest project currently Kickstarting,  CHARM.  “Charm is a tabletop Role Playing Game that uses a simple, yet versatile rule set. The rules can be learned in minutes and offer a fully immersive game experience. A character can fit on a sheet as small as a business card. “ For more info on Charm and to see the beta rules please check out the Kickstarter page. For more information on Jeff and his other creations please visit Strange Machine Games. Music: Alte Herren by KieLoKaz  The post Episode 42 – Interview with Jeff Mechlinski appeared first on The Roleplaying Exchange.


 2019-10-22  49m