Ceti Alpha 3: A Star Trek Podcast

Darren, Daniel, and Phillip are marooned on Ceti Alpha 3 with only their expansive knowledge of Star Trek, and a sense of humor, to keep them alive. Join the trio as they discuss 50 years of Trek TV series and feature films.



146 - The Points Don't Matter

Trivia and Random Rankings

The trio take a break from hard-hitting, Star Trek analysis for a session of Trek trivia and random rankings. Phillip plays host as Darren and Daniel attempt to answer a slew of questions covering the Star Trek franchise. They also take turns ranking their top four in a variety of off-the-wall categories like Top Four Crew Quarters and Top Four Opening Title Sequences. Join the fun, let us know your rankings, and if you answered all the trivia questions correctly.


 2019-10-25  1h5m