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In 2007, The Football Ramble was born out of Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson, Marcus Speller and Jim Campbell’s passion for the most popular sport in the world and inability to take themselves too seriously. Since then the boys have come a very long way; from best-selling book to sold out live shows, The Football Ramble’s irreverent takes on football have clearly resonated with other fans of the sport. Now, The Football Ramble becomes Football Ramble Daily--featuring brand new shows and voices Monday through Saturday. Throughout the week, expect brand new episodes from The Ramble, Jules & Andy, Ramble Meets…, On The Continent, The Preview Show and The Blizzard.



The Preview Show: Liverpool face Man City, Arsenal visit Leicester, and Chelsea hope to learn from Crystal Palace

Hello from Canada! We’re away on our travels but don’t think that means we’ve forgotten you. 
We cast a glance over possibly the most significant thigh rubber of the season when Liverpool and Man City face off, factor Jamie Vardy into our thoughts on Leicester vs Arsenal and look back at Chelsea’s eventful Champions League adventures.
Elsewhere; TV tattoos, Chris Kamara’s generosity and suggestions for Watford’s new badge.
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