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episode 744: Boiling the Privacy Frog

This Week's Stories

  • Big Tech is trying to fix California's housing crisis by throwing $billions at it. Here's what they should do instead.
  • How can we fix the mess that is video conferencing?
  • Delivering drugs via drone: what could possibly go wrong?
  • Google open sources Cardboard, instead of just killing it as we expected.
  • The FBI is secretly using face recognition to track us. The ACLU thinks this is bad for some reason.
  • Apple is slowly tightening its privacy system.
  • Saudi spies infiltrate Twitter. Is Big Tech security-conscious enough?
  • FACEBOOK changes its logo. WHY?
  • Facebook and political ads
  • Photoshop for iPad is finally here.
  • Here are the best tools for vertical video.
  • Is Adobe's subscription model fair to consumers?
  • Adobe Aero tries to standardize AR.
  • Microsoft Ignite focuses on the hybrid cloud.
  • Why 5G will never work, and why it will be amazing when it does.
  • 8K will make you vomit.
  • Microsoft puts Superman on glass.
  • AppleTV+ launches big. If you could only have 5 streaming services, which would you choose?
  • Amazon knocks $40 off the price of Prime for veterans. Thank you for your service!

Host: Alex Lindsay

Guests: Greg Ferro and Justine Ezarik

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 2019-11-11  2h52m