The Make Money Your Honey Podcast

The Make Money Your Honey Podcast hosted by Amazon best-selling author and millennial personal finance blogger Amanda Abella, is a podcast dedicated to everything you need to know about millennials, marketing and money in the new economy. From personal finance topics like paying off student loans and credit cards to online business and expert interviews, this show aims to help millennials everywhere build a better relationship with their work and their money. It’s a new kind of podcast for a new kind of generation that craves flexibility, abundance and a fulfilling career.


episode 109: Biggest Financial Ahas of 2019

Becoming self-aware, acquiring discipline, and being aware of what you are doing with your money are prerequisites for healing. Learning these skills and practices enables you to make decisions from a more balanced place.  When we get clear on what we want, the universe brings opportunity to you.  Heal your relationship with yourself. You have to become self-aware, you have to become disciplined. You must have a vision for your life. Listen in to find out:

  • How to recognize opportunities when they come knocking to your door
  • Why dabbling and indecisiveness won’t move you forward
  • How to make a decision and move forward with your decision
  • Why you should replace fear with your financial goals
  • Learn how to make a decision quickly
  • Why avoiding making a decision is still a decision
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 2019-11-26  16m