The Toy Department

The Toy Department features radio professionals Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden discussing, debating and dissecting all things sports, entertainment and pop culture. It's a free-wheeling, unfiltered chat about the lighter side of the modern world.


The Toy Department – Episode 192

In Episode 192, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky suffer through various ailments to deliver an abbreviated episode focusing on:

  • Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix film The Irishman (5:00) and the infuriatingly pretentious reaction from film critics and twitter cinephiles…
  • Homework for next week (25:40), including: making up for this week by getting to the film Brittany Runs A Marathon on Amazon Prime and Mike Birbiglia’s new Netflix stand-up special, plus check-ins on Watchmen and Mrs. Fletcher, and adding in the new film Queen & Slim as well as …
  • A quick (and glowing) reaction to the new film Knives Out (27:15) and how much fun can be had in a movie theater…


 2019-12-05  31m