The Toy Department

The Toy Department features radio professionals Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden discussing, debating and dissecting all things sports, entertainment and pop culture. It's a free-wheeling, unfiltered chat about the lighter side of the modern world.



      The Toy Department – Episode 94

      In Episode 94, the distinctly non-toy department intrudes yet again, as Derek Madde and Matt Kolsky discuss:

      The confirmation of Louis CK’s sexual assault (0:55) and whether we can or should separate art from the creator… The new 30 for 30 documentary Nature Boy (32:05) about all-time professional wrestling great Ric Flair… The Showtime show Shameless (43:20) which was tough for a newcomer to get into… Showtime’s new comedy/drama SMILF (48:00) and ...



      The Toy Department – Episode 93

      In Episode 93, Matt Kolsky is on the road for the first chunk of the podcast, then Derek Madden is at home for the final portion — it’s a real adventure!! Topics discussed include:

      Revisiting Netflix’s American Vandal (4:00) and concluding that it really is quite enjoyable… A check-in on FX’s Better Things (6:10) and how it is one of the best shows on television and deserves more attention… The release of a new N*E*R*D song (11:20) and...



      The Toy Department – Episode 92

      In Episode 92, Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden waste no time with pleasantries as they jump directly into:

      A heated debate over the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things (0:45) and whether it is in fact any good at all… The new Noah Baumbach film The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (27:15) and whether it qualifies as bad-time entertainment or somehow rises above that distinction… Madden’s experience at the Arcade Fire concert (38:40) and how all things...



      The Toy Department – Episode 91

      In Episode 91, Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden lament the suddenly crowded entertainment landscape before soldiering on to actually talk about some of it, including:

      Netflix’s new David Fincher-produced series Mindhunter (7:30) and whether it stands up to the impressive Fincher filmography… Another new Netflix show, American Vandal (21:30) and how it plays to a fan of real crime shows versus someone who does not watch them… Beck’s new album Colors (32:20) which...



      The Toy Department – Episode 90

      In Episode 90, Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden bravely fight through a Skype failure at Madden’s Minneapolis studios to break down:

      Kolsky’s disappointment with the critically-acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 (2:00) and the state of film criticism… Madden’s experience at the Imagine Dragons show (11:40) and the merits — or lack thereof — of backloading your concert set list… The season premiere of Mr. Robot (17:10) and the split feelings of the...



      The Toy Department – Episode 89

      In Episode 89, Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden have switched roles to some degree, as Kolsky records the audio from his home studio while Madden motors around the midwest in his new Lexus, but otherwise things are pretty standard as they discuss:

      The US Men’s National Team’s World Cup qualifying process (3:05), specifically their game against Panama and what the talented, young roster means for the future… The now seemingly inevitable intersection of sports and...



      The Toy Department – Episode 88

      In Episode 88, Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden get right into it with:

      The passing of Tom Petty (1:25) and his place in the pantheon of American rock music, leading to… A breakdown of the Mount Rushmore (7:15) of American rock artists… The new Fox show Ghosted (20:05) starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson… Another Fox comedy, The Mick (24:35) as it begins its second season… The newest entry into the Law & Order canon – True Crime (28:55), focusing on...



      The Toy Department – Episode 87

      In Episode 87, Matt Kolsky and Derek Madden fight through a recording snafu to get to a variety of topics, including:

      The unstoppable interaction between sports and politics (1:30) and where Donald Trump’s behavior has gotten us with the NFL… The Netflix movie The Fundamentals of Caring (11:10) and the idea of the Netflix indie… Rapper Leikeli47’s new album Wash & Set (16:30) and Madden’s seeming disinterest in female rap artists… FX’s...



      The Toy Department – Episode 86

      In Episode 86, Matt Kolsky scolds Derek Madden for his persistent failure to complete homework assignments before they discuss what he DID manage to get to, including:

      The Emmy Awards (5:55) and the state of television in general… The beginning of the new season of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman (22:00) and whether it was enough to convince Kolsky to watch more… The seas0n premiere of Comedy Central’s Broad City (28:20) and whether the Sliding Doors-esque design...



      The Toy Department – Episode 85

      In Episode 85, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky literally hows-the-weather each other before addressing more pressing concerns, including:

      An on-air programming meeting (2:40) wherein Kolsky suggests a new segment for the future of the pod… The new Steven Soderbergh film Logan Lucky (6:20) which was a bit of a disappointment to both guys… Week 1 of the NFL (21:35) wherein a Colin Kaepernick discussion was redacted for the second consecutive week but Kap’s situation was...