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episode 279: ONE DARK NIGHT (1983) with DEATH DROP GORGEOUS

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If it's FRIDAY THE 13th, then make it SPECTACULARRR!

It's corpse a-poppin' pandemonium over at the mausoleum when a high school prank goes real funky real fast in ONE DARK NIGHT (Directed by TOM MCLOUGHLIN (Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives) starring MEG TILLY (Psycho 2, Bomb Girls), ADAM WEST (Batman, Family Guy) and ELIZABETH DAILY (Valley Girl, 31).

But before you crash this party, best be sure your camel toe is on fleek, because the creators of DEATH DROP GORGEOUS are here, and they're expecting "knuckle-deep" minimum.

DEATH DROP GORGEOUS, created by guests BRANDON PERRAS-SANCHEZ, CHRISTOPHER DALPE and MICHAEL AHERN, is an upcoming queer-themed drag slash-o-rama.

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 2019-12-14  1h9m