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Dirty Disco is a Electronic Music Podcast for DJ's & Music lovers. Every week I curate the latest and forthcoming releases in electronic dance music. A weekly selection of the finest recently released music. Always carefully selected, mixed and hosted by me Kono Vidovic. Next to new releases, I handle free downloads, interesting stories from the music scene and a touch of happiness and personal growth coaching. More on www.dirtydiscoradio.com Next to our website we also have our radio-show listed as a podcast feed on the iTunes Store. We are available on Mixcloud, Spotify and the TuneIn app. So get there and subscribe to our feed and never miss out on an episode again. If you are interested in doing a feature on one of your tracks or when you are running a label and you are interested in a label spotlight or music promo, just let us know.



Dirty Disco Radio 128, Hosted & Mixed By Kono Vidovic

Dirty Disco Radio 128, With Damian Wells & Ian Skeavington.
After 6 weeks of absence we are finally back with a brand new episode of Dirty Disco Radio 128, the last couple of weeks very very exciting since i have moved to a new place an new house in a new city having a brand new studio which is very great! The last couple of weeks contained hard working to get everything done, unfortunately last week i noticed that the studio acoustics were very bad and that i have to treat the studio’s acoustic behavior. My idea is to do this with acoustic panels filled with rockwool as absorbers since my vocals are fluttering around the studio when i try top record, if you have any ideas, advice or suggestions please let me know. So before we start i want to apologize for my fluttering voice in this episode.
Never the less the music in Dirty Disco Radio episode 128 will be very great since we have a full show with 2 exclusive guest mixes by 2 DJ’s both coming from the UK and both coming from Nottingham, in the first hour you can expect funky fresh disco vibes by Damian Wells who you might know from his Shimmer Party at the Riverbank Kitchen & Bar in Nottingham.
The second hour our friend, colleague here at DDR and DJ Ian Skeavington will take all responsibility behind the knobs and play you his finest Funky UK house vibes. Recently Ian released his Eivissa Special on his FunkySexyCool Compilation, which is definitely worth checking out, a lot of great tracks mixed and dedicated to the beautiful party island Ibiza.
From now on we are back every week with a brand new episode, make sure to tune in with us and spread the sound of Dirty Disco Radio.
How To Make A Podcast.
I’m very curious on your thoughts on my “How To Make A Podcast” Article, in this article I’m talking about the basics on podcasting things that you need to get you started making and creating your own podcast. Podcasting is becoming the next big thing. If there is interest in the article i will write more article on the podcasting subject.
Ian also released his latest mixtape “FunkySexyCoolDeep” Volume 3 where he selected and mixed 12 beautiful tracks.
As you can see more than enough reasons to tune in on this episode.
Since the last couple of weeks we pimped up our Dirty Disco Radio Youtube Channel, where we from now on will upload the same #dopeness music and tracks that we play in our podcast every week, we will curate new and very good music for you. there are play lists for your listening entertainment. Make sure to Subscribe to our page.
Tracklist / Playlist – Dirty Disco Radio 128

No tracklist available this week.

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 2015-08-17  2h0m