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The Incomparable 501: The Kickstarter of Space Exploration

Climb aboard your spaceship and prepare your skin to be sparkly, because we’re discussing “To Be Taught, If Fortunate,” a novella from Becky Chambers, a writer we enjoy quite a lot. This is a story about science, adventure, sacrifice, and the difficulty of being away from home for a very, very long time. An interesting crew of characters explores strange, new worlds—while trying to fit in biologically. Sometimes it goes really well, and other times it doesn’t. Also: What are we reading?

Host Jason Snell with Scott McNulty, Aleen Simms and Erika Ensign

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Referenced Works To Be Taught, If Fortunate [Amazon] [Apple Books] Show Notes & Links

What are we reading?

  • Discworld
  • Zombie Fallout
  • The Long Sunset
  • The Paragon Hotel
  • Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud
  • Just the Funny Parts
  • The Lights Go Out in Lychford
  • Ragged Alice
  • The Peach Keeper and Lost Lake
  • Fall, or Dodge in Hell
  • Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
  • Voyage
  • Infinite Detail
  • The Future of Another Timeline


 2020-02-15  1h3m