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Hysteria 51 is your offbeat weekly podcast destination for all things weird and wonderful! We navigate the cosmic highways of UFOs, the alien-infested landscapes, and the enigmatic frontiers of the paranormal. With your hosts, Brent Hand and David Flora, alongside our cantankerous tin man, Conspiracy Bot (with a not-so-subtle desire to rule the world, doubling as our chief inquisitor into the unknown), we delve into unique mysteries, the inexplicable, and the downright unusual. Each week, we explore a fresh topic, making one thing crystal clear... the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.



episode 77: Project Serpo: The Intergalactic Scientist Exchange Program | 77

We all looked at the foreign exchange student in high school and wondered what that would be like. Now picture doing that almost 40 light years away! Enter Project Serpo - the alleged top-secret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star system. We sent 12 of our bravest (most naive?) scientists to Serpo...and they didn’t all return. What happened to those that stayed? Why were we so scared of those that returned? And, for the LOVE OF GOD why don’t we know any of their names? Plus, is there a better intergalactic cab driver than Bruce Willis in the 5th Element (no)? Brent and Conspiracy Bot notice some unsettling similarities (it’s a surprise to no one but them). And we finally determine if a Wal-Mart is a good unit of measurement (it is). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to another planet but if we needed to send someone it would be Korben Dallas – Hysteria 51.

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 March 12, 2018  43m