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episode 422: The ADHD Entrepreneur with Linda Walker

Linda Walker is an ADHD Coach with a special niche: she works with entrepreneurs. If you’ve been listening to our ADHD at Work series wondering when we were going to get to the good stuff, to the budding titans of industry? Today’s your day.

We talk about finding focus, figuring out what to do and when to do it, how to figure out what projects to work on and avoid burnout or disinterest along the way. It’s an incredibly broad conversation, just as the world of building independent businesses is, too. And if you’ve ever found todo lists aren’t your thing, you aren’t going to want to miss Linda’s take on the practice of list-making!

Links & Notes

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  • CoachLindaWalker.com
  • With Time to Spare: The Ultimate Guide to Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs, Adults with ADHD and other Creative Geniuses by Linda Walker


 2020-03-03  56m