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Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.




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episode 376: Organizing with ADHD — Part 3: Organizing

In part 3 of our organizing series, we’re talking about effective use of your space, how you think about space, and how you approach turning your space into a home for your things!



episode 375: Organizing with ADHD — Part 2: Sorting and Purging

In part 2 of our organizing series we're taking on sorting and purging. How do you handle making the tough decisions that will ultimately lead you to reclaiming your space? You build some new muscles... starting today!



episode 374: Organizing with ADHD — Part 1: Introduction and Planning

This week on the show we’re digging into our roots to talk about organizing with ADHD, kick-starting a five-week mini-series on the organizing process, and how to get organized in a way that is kind to your ADHD.



episode 373: Creating Flow with ADHD

Today we’re talking about what goes into hyperfocus with an eye on creating a more productive, targeted experience for ADHD that the experts have dubbed "flow." Is it possible to build a model of understanding our hyperfocus states such that we can train



episode 372: Attacking the Gremlins with Jane Massengill

Does the internal chatter of ADHD really sound all that different than that of those who don’t live with it? Our guest today has been working among other leaders in the field to help find those Gremlins in our heads and quiet them down.



episode 371: Designing Your Life

The nature of the new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on change. Are you setting resolutions that put an unhealthy focus on what you're not able to accomplish? Today on the show: making life design choices that focus on the good you do for yourse


 2019-01-15  32m

episode 370: The Year-In-Review Listener Q&A!

We called for questions and you delivered! Thank you to everyone who wrote in — We hope we did your questions justice! We wish you a happy holiday season and we'll be back in 2019!


 2018-12-18  59m

episode 369: Working with ADHDers

We received an email from just about the best boss in the world. Why? Because she asked a question that everyone living quietly with ADHD would like to hear their boss asking.


 2018-12-11  31m

episode 368: Reading Between The Lines with Caroline Maguire

Caroline Maguire joins us to talk about social skills, communication, and becoming a master of the "polite pretend."


 2018-12-04  45m

episode 367: Lessons Learned at CHADD/ADDA/ACO 2018!

Ever wondered what happens at a national ADHD conference? OK… that’s a leading question. This week, you're going to find out.


 2018-11-27  37m