Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright offer support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.


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episode 11: Shame's Greatest Hits: Self-Compassion and ADHD

We're continuing our conversation on self-compassion and ADHD with a walk through the garden of shame. You know that garden, the one with the plants we nourish and carry with us, the blooms we sniff regularly, all laced with the poison of regret and self-doubt. This week, we're tearing up that soil...



episode 10: Why Self-Compassion is Necessary When Living with ADHD

Why do you treat yourself worse than you would treat a dear friend?

That's the central question of today's conversation and it centers on our ability to muster self-compassion, a practice of treating ourselves well when we need it, rather than thinking of ourselves only in terms of our struggles...



episode 9: Aron Croft Brings ME into Building your Business with ADHD

The last time Aron Croft was here, he shared his story of his education and personal background meeting ADHD reality. But you know what else? He built a successful Fortune 500 career and a highly successful training business teaching his 8% Productivity Habit, which helps ADHDers complete what we like to call clogging tasks, those tasks you've put off for months, and need more than simple willpower to get them done...



episode 8: Morgan Hancock on ADHD in the Military and Success as an Entrepreneurial Troublemaker

Morgan Hancock calls herself a troublemaker. This week, you're going hear about her being a troublemaker in high school. And again in summer school. And again in the Army.

And then you're going to hear how she was diagnosed with ADHD and channeled that restless energy into commercial real estate, motherhood, and her passionate advocacy of the arts, including her art-focused bourbon charity, Bourbon with Heart, Inc...



episode 7: Getting Unstuck and Speaking ADHD Truth to Power with Maggie Isely

Maggie Isley is a designer, coach, and speaker. She’s the co-founder and creative director of 929 Studios, where she works with businesses around the world to form cohesive brand identities. She is also the co-founder of Be Unemployable, a podcast and educational brand for neurodivergent entrepreneurs with our new best friend of the show, Jamie Cutino. Maggie joins us today to talk about her work with neurodivergent entrepreneurs and how to get unstuck in our professional growth...


 2023-02-23  46m

episode 6: Building Your Day when You’re the Boss

It's not easy to get out of bed every day with your eye on building and growing your own business. Whether you have people depending on you as a part of your own team, or you're working as an indie contractor, the responsibilities, emotional, and intellectual weight on you as a business owner is simply different than it was when you went to work for someone else. 

This week, we're talking about the experience of owning your day...


 2023-02-16  52m

episode 5: ADHD Entrepreneurs ?? Business with Occupational Therapist and Coach Jamie Cutino

At first blush you might think that ADHD would hinder your chances to successfully start a business, but this week's guest has something to say about that. Jamie Cutino offers occupational therapy based coaching for women with ADHD and sings the praises of ADHD as a bouquet that can truly benefit the entrepreneur.

Jamie Cutino is a Master of Occupational Therapy and founder of Outsmart ADHD and co-founder of Be Unemployable, an educational brand and podcast for entrepreneurs...


 2023-02-09  43m

episode 4: Eating Disorders & ADHD with Special Guests Dr. Roberto Olivardia and Paige Kinzer

Nikki's daughter is in recovery from an eating disorder, a condition that impacted her emotionally, physically, and made for some dark times in the family. She also lives with ADHD. It turns out, those two things are frustrating bedfellows.

Trigger Warning: This episode describes the experiences of a minor living with an eating disorder, as well as exploring the details behind eating disorders and its relation to ADHD. Listener discretion is strongly advised...


 2023-02-02  1h9m

episode 3: Setting Smart Boundaries Around your Use of Technology

How’s your phone? Good? You might just have it in your hand right now, right? Well, if you’re in the camp that feels your phone behavior is getting in the way of, you know, living your life, the community comes to the rescue today!


 2023-01-26  43m

episode 2: A ‘New’ New Year’s Resolution!

Looking for a new way to welcome the new year? We've been thinking about resolutions, goals, and aspirations and we'll be talking all about them this week!


 2023-01-19  43m