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episode 5: #5 Andrew Shortell lost a baby & was accused of shaken baby syndrome

Andrew Shortell is a dad of two children. Him and his wife lost their son Tristan at 4 months back in 2014 and where accused of shaken baby syndrome in the aftermath. The accusation was only cleared after many painful months and obviously the whole situation was beyond traumatic. Andrew takes me through what happened that particular night when they lost the baby and he shares how he managed to cope with the whole situation. The session is very powerful and sad. Andrew told me afterwards that he feels this could be the starting point for his own healing. I truly wish this for him! Despite the tragic story somehow they got through and with the arrival of their third child managed to turn their life back into a positive and happy outlook. This was awesome to hear! The session with Andrew left me thoughtful and inspired. The key takeaways for me as a dad where: Carry on, never give up Deal with sadness and loss as soon as you can. Don’t carry the sadness. It was powerful to hear how Andrew was able to focus his energy on the rest of the family and managed to turn things around Professionally Andrew is a Washington, D.C. based live event producer and film director. Please share this episode of with other dads and moms and leave a rating and review. Thank you! Further reading on Andrew: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Andrew speaking out about losing a child and being accused of shaken baby syndrome: Interesting links (not directly related to Andrew): --- Send in a voice message:


 2019-11-10  50m