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episode 6: #6 Flo Jung world champion & down to earth DAD!

Florian Jung is one the most progressive windsurfers globally, ocean adventurer and environmentalist and obviously a super passionate Dad. Flo opens up about his challenges around family-life and being ‘modern gypsies’ - travelling with everyone as a professional athlete. 

We talk about his hopes and dreams for his son and how his perspective changed completely since he became a father. Flo shares his plans for his near future and his passion for the environment and the ocean. We discuss emancipation and how parenting has changed from when we were kids ourselves. 

Maybe the most powerful topic that keeps popping up in this session is the fact that we should leave our children of whom we borrowed this planet a decent Mother Earth. Flo is very passionate about conservation and we talk about the ocean crossing he is planning for (this was recorded in March 2019, due to an injury shortly after the project hasn’t happened yet). 

We talk about ‘digital challenges’ with kids, the impact we are having as a dad per se and of course actually taking responsibility for the impact you're having on your children by your own choices and actions. 

My key takeaways as a dad where: 

  • If I eat chocolate, they can eat chocolate. 
  • Be intentional around your own actions and be aware of the impact your decisions have on your kids 
  • Spend as much time with your family as you can. 

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 2019-11-17  40m