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episode 2: #2 Walter Lee’s son Zy has only one arm, no legs

As a Dad Walter found his calling when his 3rd son, Zy, was born with only one complete limb. His left arm.

Read that again...

The doctors had not picked up Zy’s condition on the scans during the pregnancy and so Zy’s condition came as a complete surprise upon his birth.

He decided early on to “prepare the child for the road and not the road for the child.” Walters modus operandi is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and ENABLE. And it truly is! I felt inspired and humbled after our session.

In this episode Walter Lee and myself discuss the challenges AND the upsides of living with and empowering a differently abled child. Walter shares his life-learnings and opens up about how his family dealt with this unusual situation that memorable 30th of September 2006 brought. Walter talks about his journey as a Dad, his fight for justice and how he managed to enable his son’s walking by the age of two!

His foundation’s mission is to bring “INDEPENDENT LIVING” to the 10 million children with movement disabilities in South-east Asia. The foundation has since grown with a branch in Malaysia and activities also in Tanzania, Japan and other South-east Asian countries.

Walter (a.k.a. Chef Kani) is a serial entrepreneur, celebrity chef, restauranteur, author, speaker, lecturer, and now, social worker and farmer. He speaks 8 languages and is married with 3 children.

Walter and Zy’s motto is: “Fail fast, fail different, fail forward!” & Zy responds “...and fail young”.

If you, like myself, also had goosebumps during this episode, please do share this and leave a review. Greatly appreciated!

“Give us a chance and you’ll be surprised.” (Walter Lee)


Philipp Hartmann


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