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episode 349: Electronic Music Mix Session 349 | For The Heroes | Be A Hero Mix

For the heroes mix.

The last couple of weeks i talked a lot about the Coronavirus in my shows. As i have explained here in this episode i normally don’t talk politics or world problems. But Covid-19 changed it all and we need to keep focusing and educating each other to fight it. unfortunately this week is again dominated by the virus, but i’m doing it differently this time.

Dedicated to all heroes and heroines.

I’m dedicating this weeks essential music selection to all heroes and super heroes out there. This so called hero mix or ‘for the heroes mix’ is for you. For everybody that stays inside (heroes and heroines). And for the superheroes, helping sick people while risking their own lives. I’m talking about people in healthcare, nurses & doctors. Policemen, firemen, the army and everybody else who is helping people in these chaotic crisis times. This mix is for the heroes, showcasing my appreciation for you!

This mix is dedicated to the superheroes, helping sick people while risking their own lives.Kono Vidovic

Electronic music mix session 349

Enough about the virus, let’s see what music, which essentials i found and selected for you in this weeks electronic music mix session. There are 22 new tracks in this music show episode. 8 vinyl releases, and two free tracks that you can download for free.

Tempo and overall music style.

Starting around 120 BPM (beats per minute) and finally building the tempo up to 132 BPM. This mix includes lots of Deep House elements, here and there a bit of those deep soulful vibes. A few of those more steady House Music beats. A bit of breaks and beats, and you might even experience a few tracks more towards the tech side of house.

Marc Brauner – Love TriangleCody Currie & Joel Holmes – MetropolisTheo Kottis – Nothing To LoseVanderkraft – Le Semainier

Selected artists, producers and record labels.

For the full tracklisting you can scroll down to see exactly which artists and tracks are released on which label. To give you a bit of an idea what to expect, i’m playing you music from the following labels: Delusions Of Grandeur, De La Groove, Ninja Tune, Toy Tonics, Gallery Recordings.

You will hear new music from: Marc Brauner, Theo Kottis, TOKiMONSTA, James Pepper, Vanderkraft, Tee Mango, Producer Newzs, Bicep, Joy Orbison, Cody Currie & Joel Holmes and new comer to the music scene Champ with his 2nd EP.

All releases are in my honest opinion must-hear musicKono Vidovic (DJ & Host)

Featured music highlights.

Here are some highlights of the featured essentials in this weeks music mix session. All releases are in my honest opinion must-hear music. So these below selected EP’s or albums are not necessary better than the rest in the selection. These are just randomly chose by me based on my emotions while i was writing this music blog. I would very much like to motivate you to listen to the entire selection in this essential mix. You can read this page to find out more about The Essential Mixes.

TOKiMONSTA – Oasis Nocturno | Young Art Music

TOKiMONSTA was the very first female artist that released music on the Brainfeeder music label from Flying Lotus. Her album Lune Rouge from 2019 was even nominated for a Grammy award in the category ‘Electronic Album O...


 2020-03-30  1h59m