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Your creature fix in podcast form. Monster Porn is an anthology of horror stories, weird fiction, bizarro fiction, and speculative fiction from creators Matt Cummins and Bret Norwood. When Matt and wannabe sorcerer Bret accidentally summon a Lovecraftian horror, trapping him in the body of an adorable teacup piggie, they are compelled to create the horror anthology podcast that will destroy the world. This is the horror podcast where every day is like Halloween...and prom night! From Lovecraftian horror to new weird to bizarro, we've got it all. Prepare to get weird.


episode 48: "Cupid: Bringer of Dreams, Maker of Nightmares" by Bret Norwood

Today on MP: Weird Fiction & Horror Podcast: “Cupid: Bringer of Dreams, Maker of Nightmares” by Bret Norwood! A primordial force re-emerges during a university field trip to the museum, an entity that could humble the Olympian gods, to whom the mightiest men are but toys…Behold the highest horror, a terror beyond the reach of Titans…Cupid.

But first, Bret comes-to in a strange, wet place…in isolation…The King Quest is interrupted, but sometimes the King comes to *you*…The Corn is forever, for him who believes!

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 2020-03-30  52m