Shadowrun Origins

A Shadowrun Actual Play podcast exploring the iconic Shadowrun adventures which contain much of the lore of the Shadowrun world.


episode 29: Missing Blood 5

Detective Bambra has been found and we kinda rescued him, kinda. Now it is time for introductions and to see what information we can get about Victoria and her missing blood necklace! A word of strong warning, everyone. This episode contains very graphic depictions of violence, demonic things, and creepy gross stuff. Those with sensitivity to certain creatures or who find violence to children disturbing, may wish to skip this episode. I want to offer explanations for all of those warnings, but that would spoil some things, so let me just say, if you are sensitive, please skip this episode, or skip the last half of it. The graphic depictions of violence are not related to the children and any implied violence happens off screen. With all those caveats, enjoy the ride.


 2020-04-02  38m