Shadowrun: Origins

A Shadowrun Actual Play running through the classic adventures from the golden era of the Shadowrun RPG.

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episode 95: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 95: Elven Fire 3

Shadowrun Origins: Episode 95: Elven Fire 3 The team is meeting with Simon Johnson who has some info the team needs to prevent martial law in Seattle! Let’s check it out!


 2023-02-08  45m

episode 94: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 94: Elven Fire 2

Shadowrun Origins: Episode 94: Elven Fire 2 We’re gonna get back to Elven fire, part two. The team met in Laubenstien plaza and are going to regroup back in Redmond. Check it out….


 2023-01-24  59m

episode 93: Episode 93: Elven Fire 1

The Team is back from the CAS and it is time for some downtime, and then… we probably get a job… this one’s gonna be fun. Also, I’d like to welcome our next Guest GM, Mike Mesmer! Mike has been a shadowrun demo team agent for years, and has...


 2022-11-07  1h41m

episode 92: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 92: Extraction Factions 7

It is the finale time for Extraction Factions as we put a cap on the team’s jaunt into the Confederated American States. Let’s boogie!


 2022-10-19  49m

episode 91: Episode 91: Extraction Factions 6

The comrades are in the CAS for a run, given by a familiar yet unsettling Mr. Johnson. They’ve scouted 3 locations so far for their extraction target, and they’ve still got some looking to do. Let’s check in.


 2022-10-13  56m

episode 90: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 90: Extraction Factions 5

You don’t get much farm action in the sixth world, but that is where our teams finds itself. Knee deep in the Confederated American States, let’s see where the country life takes them.    


 2022-10-04  1h0m

episode 89: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 89: Extraction Factions 4

Back in the CAS for a job, part 4! Let’s check in on the team and see how their southern run proceeds!


 2022-09-26  1h3m

episode 88: Episode 88: Extraction Factions 3

What you need to know is that the team has been offered a job, by a former and familiar mr. Johnson,  to head back to the Confederated American States. And in this episode, they’ll head off to their destination…    


 2022-09-14  28m

episode 87: Episode 87: Extraction Factions 2

The team has met up with their new teammate Rocket, a southern gentleman elf, they are about to hear about a job offer from a familiar Mr. Johnson…  


 2022-07-11  39m

episode 86: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 86: Extraction Factions 1

The team has received a call from a familiar source, and are headed to Matchsticks to meet not only to hear the job, but also to meet their new companion, Rocket.


 2022-06-28  41m