Shadowrun Origins

A Shadowrun Actual Play podcast exploring the iconic Shadowrun adventures which contain much of the lore of the Shadowrun world.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 50m. Bisher sind 90 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 6 hours 55 minutes


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episode 89: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 89: Extraction Factions 4

Back in the CAS for a job, part 4! Let’s check in on the team and see how their southern run proceeds!



episode 88: Episode 88: Extraction Factions 3

What you need to know is that the team has been offered a job, by a former and familiar mr. Johnson,  to head back to the Confederated American States. And in this episode, they’ll head off to their destination…    



episode 87: Episode 87: Extraction Factions 2

The team has met up with their new teammate Rocket, a southern gentleman elf, they are about to hear about a job offer from a familiar Mr. Johnson…  


 2022-07-11  39m

episode 86: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 86: Extraction Factions 1

The team has received a call from a familiar source, and are headed to Matchsticks to meet not only to hear the job, but also to meet their new companion, Rocket.


 2022-06-28  41m

episode 85: Episode 85: Get Down, Get Down, Get Down, Get Downtime

Another downtime with the crew (or what's left of them). And with this episode, I’m happy to reintroduce Steven “bull” Ratcovich, who has been a guest GM with us before, but is now joining the crew as a member – an elven face who goes by the...


 2022-06-21  18m

episode 84: Episode 84: Counterstroke 6

With just a little help, the team has finally broken free and are now poised to make an attempt to escape from their captors who had previously kidnapped, beaten torturned and nearly killed them. They are hurt, pissed, and are in desperate need of…...


 2022-05-24  29m

episode 83: Episode 83: Counterstroke 5

The team has been kidnapped, drugged, and tortured… But they may have found an unlikely ally in a child-like troll they’ve befriended. Well, maybe befriend ded is a strong word, but they are still locked up by someone who isn’t happy with them...


 2022-05-16  1h23m

episode 82: Episode 82: Counterstroke 4

The team has been kidnapped, drugged, and imprisoned… oh, an tortured. But I’m sure whoever did it had a good reason. Right? Like, torture can sometimes be an effective tool for interrogation, am I right? Wait… this just in… nope. Torture is...


 2022-05-09  56m

episode 81: Episode 81: A Misspent Youth In 2048

An off-beat detour, exploring even further into the past of the Sixth World (2048), through the eyes of teenagers and the game system of Misspent Youth.  Ignore the fact that we said James (Jazz) returns. That doesn't mean anything. 


 2022-05-03  1h32m

episode 80: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 80: Counterstroke 3

The meet turned into an ambush, which the runners fled, straight into another trap. They were gassed and all succumbed to unconsciousness. Now, as they begin to wake up, we’ll see who or what is behind all this mess.


 2022-04-26  1h12m