Shadowrun Origins

A Shadowrun Actual Play podcast exploring the iconic Shadowrun adventures which contain much of the lore of the Shadowrun world.

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episode 83: Episode 83: Counterstroke 5

The team has been kidnapped, drugged, and tortured… But they may have found an unlikely ally in a child-like troll they’ve befriended. Well, maybe befriend ded is a strong word, but they are still locked up by someone who isn’t happy with them...



episode 82: Episode 82: Counterstroke 4

The team has been kidnapped, drugged, and imprisoned… oh, an tortured. But I’m sure whoever did it had a good reason. Right? Like, torture can sometimes be an effective tool for interrogation, am I right? Wait… this just in… nope. Torture is...



episode 81: Episode 81: A Misspent Youth In 2048

An off-beat detour, exploring even further into the past of the Sixth World (2048), through the eyes of teenagers and the game system of Misspent Youth.  Ignore the fact that we said James (Jazz) returns. That doesn't mean anything. 



episode 80: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 80: Counterstroke 3

The meet turned into an ambush, which the runners fled, straight into another trap. They were gassed and all succumbed to unconsciousness. Now, as they begin to wake up, we’ll see who or what is behind all this mess.



episode 79: Episode 79: Counterstroke 2

The meet didn’t go as expected and now the crew has to pivot. They are on the run from a fully formed ambush, and have decided to call the contact they were supposed to check in with after the run to perhaps get some clarity. While avoiding...



episode 78: Episode 78: Counterstroke 1

Downtime is over and we’re down to just our socks. That means its business time, that’s why they call them business socks. So let’s check in with the team and see who the Johnson will be and what sort of totally easy, not complicated at all run...


 2022-04-12  1h40m

episode 77: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 77: System of a Downtime

It is Time for some downtime. That magical time between runs where anything can, and often does, happen. Let’s see what the teams is getting up to after the Loves run and the failed attempt to rescue T.


 2022-04-05  57m

episode 76: Shadowrun Origins: Episode 76: Loves 6

The work is done. The team is putting themselves back together, and now they are going to wrap things up and turn their attention to an absent teammate, the Troll called T. Let’s see what happens.


 2022-03-28  1h11m

episode 75: Episode 75: Loves 5

Opti is down, thanks to a grenade. The rest of the team isn’t doing so hot either. But the pressure is on and you know that’s when the team bands together. So let’s watch them work.


 2022-03-21  56m

episode 74: Episode 74: Loves 4

Our decker, Pixie Fire, is sitting in the office of Ehran the Scribe at a building belonging to the Young Elven Technologists. She was in the data store, looking for the goods when she was discovered! The rest of us are close by, not knowing what has...


 2022-03-15  1h18m