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Tripp Lanier has coached Navy SEALs, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs to align their lives with their career and relationships. He covers topics guys are hungry to explore but typically only discuss after a few beers. Each episode consists of real world, practical advice so guys can get out of the rat race and live a life of purpose and meaning. Guests range from Tim Ferriss to Laird Hamilton to Navy SEALs to zen masters to “ordinary” guys living extraordinary lives. Topics include: mindset, purpose, power, relationships, sex, overcoming fear, lifestyle design, and spirituality. Read Tripp's latest book, This Book Will Make You Dangerous.


episode 255: How to Confront Fear, Scarcity, and Pressure

Do we have to depend on fear for motivation? Can we learn how to put scarcity and pressure into perspective? And how can we learn to forge our own path instead of following the herd? Today, my wife Alyson and I discuss how fear can serve us — or work against us. On many levels we’re being challenged. For many this challenge is simply a matter of being uncomfortable or bored. Others are experiencing great uncertainty with regards to their professions and financial well-being. And then there are those who are being confronted by mortality itself. We can get caught up in the collective freak out or we can use this period as a wake up call. It’s a time to zoom out and reflect. The men I’m coaching all around the world are seeing this challenging time as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for us to assess our lives and how we’re choosing to live them. Are our professions and relationships and lifestyle choices aligned with our deepest values? Or does today’s challenge help us see that it’s time to course correct? Instead of sleepwalking through life or settling for whatever gets slopped on to our plate, we can use this opportunity to tap into our deep desire. Instead of waiting for the perfect plan or the perfect time or the perfect opportunity, we can shift gears, take smart action, and create alignment with what truly matters today. No more waiting. No more excuses. Most men won’t do this. They’ll dismiss this opportunity. They’ll let fear get the best of them. They’ll refuse responsibility. But that doesn’t mean we have to live like most men. Today’s conversation was recorded before the Covid-19 virus became the major focus here in the US. Regardless, the core ideas of this discussion still apply when it comes to how we confront fear, scarcity, and pressure in our day-to-day lives. In this interview: Creating from fear, scarcity, and pressure Rat-racing and magical finish lines Why fear glorifies hustling How fear serves us and how it makes us weak We don’t have to freak ourselves out in order to be successful Nothing to prove Plus: Depriving ourselves now in order to get what we want later Get out of dumb goals and create smart goals Why a pain in the ass is valuable information Why perfectionism is a defense Why fixating on ourselves kills peace of mind and meaning You don't have to settle. Click here to learn the same mindset principles that Tripp Lanier uses with his coaching clients — including Navy SEALs, executives, and entrepreneurs. The Daily Toolkit is available for immediate download. This Book Will Make You Dangerous is a swift kick in the ass that will make you laugh out loud. It’s a practical guide to play for what we truly want, to get over ourselves, and have a ton of fun along the way.


 2020-04-07  44m