The Film Reroll

We take famous movies and play through them as if they were a role playing game. Instead of all those pesky writers carefully crafting a plot, we let the dice decide and go from there. Inevitably it all goes completely off the rails. With Paulo Quiros, Jocelyn Vammer, Scott Aiello, Jon Miller, Pitr Strait and Carolyn Faye Kramer.


Ep 87: Oceans 11 (Part 2)

Oceans 11 continues! Jon makes massive flowcharts! Tim breaks into a house! Pitr buys someone a drink! Joz pretends to be a woman! Andy kidnaps someone! Scott does an impression of himself! Jon Miller – Danny Ocean Joz Vammer – Sasha Goddyn Andy Hoover – Chris Stockton Pitr Strait – Reuben Tishkoff Scott Aiello – … Continue reading Ep 87: Oceans 11 (Part 2)


 2020-04-26  1h43m