The Film Reroll

We take famous movies and play through them as if they were a role playing game. Instead of all those pesky writers carefully crafting a plot, we let the dice decide and go from there. Inevitably it all goes completely off the rails. With Paulo Quiros, Jocelyn Vammer, Scott Aiello, Jon Miller, Pitr Strait and Carolyn Faye Kramer.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h2m. Bisher sind 102 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 3 Wochen.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 8 days 19 hours 32 minutes


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Ep 101: Aliens (Part 1)

We take on Aliens! Joz kicks a sliding door! Andy takes a nap during a combat drop! Paulo does a knife trick! Scott says his own name! Joz Vammer – Ripley Andy Hoover – Hicks Paulo Quiros – Bishop Scott Aiello – Lieutenant Gorman Jon Miller – DM



Ep 100: The Searchers

100 Episodes! Thank you everyone!!! Jon Miller – Ethan Edwards Andy Hoover – Houben Carolyn Faye Kramer – Ryan Gosling Pitr Strait – Estragon Scott Aiello – Vladimir Joz Vammer – Chuck Noland Lisa Kopitsky – Charlie Croker Tim Nolan – Carolyn Faye Kram...


 2021-09-03  3h18m

Ep 99: Memento (Part 7)

Memento comes to a thrilling start! Jonathan takes a picture! Scott finds a tire iron! Joz steals a car! Carolyn bribes the police! Carolyn Faye Kramer – Leonard Shelby Jonathan West – Leonard Shelby Joz Vammer – Leonard Shelby Scott Aiello – Leonard S...


 2021-08-12  1h39m

Ep 98: Memento (Part 6)

We’re back with more Memento! Andy breaks a fence! Lane goes to the hospital! Pitr smokes a cigarette! Andy Hoover – Leonard Shelby Lane Moore – Leonard Shelby Pitr Strait – Leonard Shelby Paulo Quiros – DM


 2021-07-12  1h56m

Ep 97: Memento (Part 5)

Memento hurtles towards its evitable beginning! Aram joins a parade! Lisa reads someone’s diary! Steve eats scrambled eggs! Alex calls himself pontoon! Aram Vartian – Leonard Shelby Lisa Kopitsky – Leonard Shelby Steve Jackson – Leonard Shelby Alex Dem...


 2021-02-25  3h5m

Ep 96: Memento (Part 4)

Memento clatters onward! Tim knocks over a flood light! Daniel falls in some garbage! Jon goes to a bar! Tim Nolan – Leonard Shelby Daniel Kibblesmith – Leonard Shelby Jon Miller – Leonard Shelby Paulo Quiros – DM


 2020-12-01  2h33m

Ep 95: Memento (Part 3)

Memento proceeds! Scott rides an elevator! James talks about jazz! Courtney goes for a swim! Brian holds a dog! Scott Aiello – Leonard Shelby James D’Amato – Leonard Shelby Courtney Alana Ward – Leonard Shelby Brian McManamon – Leonard Shelby Paulo Qui...


 2020-10-12  2h38m

Ep 94: Memento (Part 2)

Memento continues! Joz laughs manically! Luisa breaks into a Chinese restuarant! Andy watches cartoons! Joz Vammer – Leonard Shelby Luisa Menzen – Leonard Shelby Andy Hoover – Leonard Shelby Paulo Quiros – DM


 2020-09-20  2h26m

Ep 93: Memento (Part 1)

We take on Memento! Carolyn climbs out a window! Jon explores a cave! Mirirai shouts on a beach! Pitr kicks out a tail light! Paige finds an airplane full of corpses! Carolyn Faye Kramer – Leonard Shelby Jon Miller – Leonard Shelby Mirirai Sithole – Le...


 2020-09-01  1h57m

Ep 92: Toy Story (Part 2)

We bring Toy Story to a close! Andy goes to therapy! Paulo meets a unicorn! Paulo Quiros – Woody Andy Hoover – Buzz Joz Vammer – DM


 2020-07-27  2h26m