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episode 25: 25 Dr. Michael Trautmann’s fatherhood journey & one life changing day and night with his own Dad

Michael Trautmann is a strong man with the ability to inspire and lead people to success. He is a serial-founder, entrepreneur and Dad who has two sons, Oscar and Moritz, 20 and 24. 

The session is meaningful, powerful and moving and we both had a good cry together towards the end. Michael truly leads with vulnerability as he shares deep personal experiences about his own journey as a father, husband and his relationship with his own Dad who died of cancer last year. We talk about our roles as entrepreneurs and businessmen. Michael shares his own learnings and insights gained from business in relation to being a Dad, what he learned from the Hoffmann process and one very powerful, life changing day and night he experienced with his father.

Michael is one of the most important and successful heads in the German advertising landscape (global ex-CMO Audi, ex-MD of Springer & Jacobi, founder of kempertrautmann and founder of thjnk). Michael also co-founded upsolut Sports which initiated and runs HYROX. Together with Christoph Magnussen, he runs one of Germany’s leading podcasts #OnTheWayToNewWork. They kindly invited me towards the end of last year (link below).

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where:

  1. Quality over quantity of time. Michael and his father once where gifted a unique 8 hours together that changed his life and that of his children forever. What if we can look out for those opportunities with our kids?
  2. Allow myself to reflect back and improve. This implies that I have to accept where I made mistakes.
  3. Lead with vulnerability.
  4. Time together is bonding. Values form the foundation.

As always I am hoping that these sessions do help you in your journey as a parent. If they do, please do share this with others and leave a review. Highly appreciated.


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