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Making Microservices Work at Scale

Sarah Wells (@sarahjwells, Technical Director for Operations & Reliability at @FT) talks about how she's evolved her career with the changes at FT, how they chose to use microservices, how their internal culture has evolved and how they think about funding and maintaining service ownership.

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PodCTL Podcast is Back (Enterprise Kubernetes) -


  • Sarah Wells - DevClass Interview 
  • Challenge of Migrating 150 Services to Kubernetes (CNCF Talk - Video)
  • Mature Microservices and How to Operate Them (InfoQ)
  • FT colleagues Victoria Morgan Smith and her co-author Matthew Skelton on internal tech conferences

Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. We often speak with experts working on the technology-vendor side of the industry, but you’re building in a much different way. Tell us about your background, and introduce us to the work you’re doing today at the Financial Times.  

Topic 2 - For the last 4 years, you’ve been talking a lot (publicly) about building and using microservices. Give us some background on your journey, and some of the reasons why your teams have chosen this architecture. (experimentation, A/B testing)

Topic 3 - You work in a world that reports on the financial success (or failures) of other companies, but how do you measure your own success? How do you put them in perspective/

Topic 4 - Lets talk about service ownership. Who owns a service, how long do they own a service, do they ever go away? 

Topic 5 - Any tips or tricks that you’d be willing to share with our audience about driving successful culture within your team or across other teams? 


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 2020-05-06  33m