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episode 3: Leaks & Confidentiality - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to the Paradox Podcast!

Today we talk about the subject of video game leaks & confidentiality in the games industry.

On the agenda:

  • Why is the video games industry so secretive?
  • How do leaks happen at all?
  • Leak stories from Ubisoft and EA with Julien Wera, Paradox CPO
  • How do leaks impact video game developers & publishers?
  • Does the game industry “leak” information on purpose?
  • Working with content creators, NDAs and Embargos
  • Leaks about Cities Skylines, Crusader Kings 3, Stellaris & VTMB2
  • Answering your questions


  • Last minute addition: CK3 Release Date leak - 0:00 
  • Intro - 1:43
  • Topic of the Day: Leaks & Confidentiality – 3:17
  • Leak stories from Ubisoft and EA with Julien Wera - 13:40
  • Answering your questions with Jonathan Whitley, Influencer Relations Manager – 20:18
  • Wrapping up - 40:18

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 2020-05-19  41m