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Dirty Disco is a Electronic Music Podcast for DJ's & Music lovers. Every week i curate the latest and forthcoming releases in electronic dance music. A weekly selection of the finest recently released music. Always carefully selected, mixed and hosted by me Kono Vidovic. Next to new releases, i handle free downloads, interesting stories from the music scene and a touch of happiness and personal growth coaching. More on www.dirtydiscoradio.com Next to our website we also have our radio-show listed as a podcast feed on the iTunes Store. We are available on Mixcloud, Spotify and the TuneIn app. So get there and subscribe to our feed and never miss out on an episode again. If you are interested in doing a feature on one of your tracks or when you are running a label and you are interested in a label spotlight or music promo, just let us know.



episode 358: Online Electronic Music Radio | Dirty Disco 358 | +10 Vinyl Releases

Online Electronic Music Radio Episode Introduction.

Welcome to a new music blog and online electronic music radio episode of Dirty Disco 358. Last week i curated 23 new releases, the same amount of music like in the dance music show from last week. The only difference is that these are 23 different tracks.

This time among the 23 new releases there are 2 free downloads. With one of them being the standard weekly new free download and the other is because the vocal in first track reminded me of a remix i did a few years ago.

10 vinyl releases | 12 inches.

You will find 10 tracks that you can buy as a vinyl record with the 2×12” from Moodymann’s latest album here below as one of the highlighted reviews. The LTDBLBL007 release is like always a hand-stamped wax and limited white label edition (see tracklist).

10 forthcoming promo releases.

From these 23 great musical pieces 10 are forthcoming promoreleases on the moment of this writing and recording the online electronic music radio show. Most of the promo’s will come out in the following days and or weeks.

Featured music selection.

If you are new to the weekly Dirty Disco electronic music shows. Let me make clear that the key elements of the show are that every show is a two hour mix session containing the latest and forthcoming releases from the electronic dance music scene. The show is carefully curated and crafted with me as your host guiding you through the featured music selection.

Every online electronic music radio show / podcast has it’s own accompanying music blog like this one. Where i add all the necessary information in like the tracklist where you can see the music labels, artists and which are available on vinyl. I also randomly hand pick a few of the selection for an extra feature here in the blog.

Moodymann – Taken Away Album | KDJ Records.

Kenny Dixon Jr is already a living legend within the electronic music scene that doesn’t really need an introduction. Detroit’s finest Moodymann’s latest 8 tracker album ‘Taken Away’ just dropped and is as expected full of quality music.

To give you a decent impression if what to expect and hear on this new music album i will start this weeks music show 358 with 3 tracks from it. Opening up with ‘Do Wrong’ a track that is heavily inspired by Al Greens elements and you can even find a sample from Love & Happiness in the track.

Next to ‘Do Wrong’ i will feature the tracks Slow Down and Let Me Show You Love. The album was dropped on Moodymann’s own label KDJ Records (which stands for Kenny Dixon Jr Records) and is also available as a double 12” record.

Digging Deeper Vol. 3 V.A. Album compilation | Mole Music.

I’m proud to be on the promolist of the Lisztomania and Sundries music network which also includes other labels like See Saw, Magpie and the Russian Mole Music. Every week there is so much great music being ...


 2020-06-01  2h4m