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JTE: Do I Belong in the Profession?

In this edition of JTE Insider, we are joined by Dr. Loraine McKay and Heather Manning from Griffith University (Australia). They are the authors of the article entitled “Do I Belong in the Profession? The Cost of Fitting In As a Preservice Teacher With a Passion for Social Justice” The article is published in the September/October 2019 issue of JTE. 

Dr. Loraine McKay is a senior lecturer at Griffith University. She teaches into the Bachelor of Education program. She is currently First Year Coordinator in the Bachelor of Education program and Professional Experience Individual Case Coordinator. Loraine’s research interests align strongly with her passion for teaching. She was a classroom teacher for over twenty years in the primary education sector before leaving teaching to complete her doctoral studies. Her current research centers on developing teacher identity, efficacy and resilience in preservice teachers. Loraine is particularly interested in preparing teachers to work in inclusive classrooms. She uses collage and photo elicitation to explore the affective dimension of teaching and engagement in learning.

Heather Manning is a PhD candidate in the School of Education and Professional studies at Griffith University. Her research focus combines active learning for engagement of diverse students and teachers’ pedagogical agency around the use of movement in their classroom. As a sessional academic, she works with pre-service teachers in the areas of learner development and diversity, professional experience and arts education. Heather has previously worked as a classroom teacher with children aged 5-8, and in learning support roles in school and the private sector.


 2020-06-02  32m