Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs was created to encourage and equip moms throughout the precious, challenging, and life-changing journey of motherhood. Karen Stubbs is the founder of Birds on a Wire - a ministry for moms. Hosted by Sunny Williams, Wire Talk offers Godly, practical advice on the topics every mother has questions about: mom guilt, our children’s faith, potty-training, divorce, our teenagers dating, the toddler years and more!



episode 217: [RE-AIR] Help! My Blue Kid is Making Me Melancholy

All month long, we're re-airing some of the most downloaded episodes from the Wire Talk vault:

Today Karen and Sunny address questions from listeners all about the blue, or melancholy, temperament. Organized, thoughtful, loyal, precise - our blues have so many strengths! From how to balance their need for quiet with your family's activities to addressing their mood swings without catering to them, this is one episode packed with practical advice for all you moms of little Eeyores! 


 2020-06-23  39m