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TFS 368: How to do Personalized & Relevant Ecommerce Marketing with Rytis Lauris

Rytis Lauris joins the panelists of The Freelancers Show to discuss the use of automation tools that can personalize your contact with visitors on your website.

  • Brad Large

  • Charles Max Wood

  • Petra Manos

  • Joel Schaubert

  • Rytis Lauris

  • G2i | Enjoy the luxuries of freelancing

  • LessAccounting | An easy to use software plus a bookkeeping service done by a real human

  • CacheFly


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  • Leadfeeder


Brad Large:

  • Trollberget

  • Bekant

Petra Manos:

  • Google Ads Tips

Joel Schaubert:

  • Create a system restore point

  • Control panel -> system -> System Protection -> Protection ON for your C drive

Charles Max Wood:

  • Tiny PNG

  • My Podcast playbook

  • Codineer


Rytis Lauris:

  • Comfortable Working Environment!


 2020-05-26  1h7m