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TFS 359: Don’t Do Hourly Billing with Mike Volkin

Mike Volkin joins the panel to discuss the pros and cons to hourly billing. The panel discusses their challenges with value based and fixed-price pricing and get recommendations from Mike and the rest of the panel.

  • Brad Large

  • Brooks Forsyth

  • Petra Manos

  • Charles Max Wood

  • Mike Volkin

  • G2i | Enjoy the luxuries of freelancing

  • LessAccounting | An easy to use software plus a bookkeeping service done by a real human

  • Sentry | Use the code “devchat” for $100 credit

  • CacheFly


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  • The Freelancers' Show 109 - How to Determine Value and Set Pricing with Kirk Bowman


Brad Large:

  • The 4-Hour Body

  • Assault Airbike Classic

  • Tiwal 3 Small Sailboat

Brooks Forsyth:

  • StackShare

Petra Manos:

  • Japanese Knitting Stitches

Charles Max Wood:

  • The Expanse

Mike Volkin:



 2020-03-24  1h3m